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SearchSidebarIf your Professional Search firm starts by surfing job boards, tapping databases and hiring telemarketing companies to do the job for them, maybe you should do your own search ... for a new partner.

Human Capital Parters is different. With over 60 years of combined career placement experience, our search staff personally screens, filters, refines and cuts through the clutter. Bringing you only the most talented people, the best leaders, the true team players—the fits that go beyond job title and match your unique culture and corporate value system.

Here’s what we’ll commit to on your professional search project:

• Our team will meet personally with every member of your organization who has a stake in the new recruit.

• Long before we begin the search, we will get to know your business— your culture, your immediate needs, and your long-term goals and aspirations.

• We will internalize your company’s goals and expectations to develop the most accurate, detailed profile possible—of both the position to be filled and the candidate you’re determined to find.

• Human Capital Partners will target individuals who are not actively seeking new opportunities, but who will definitely see opportunities in joining your organization.

• No matter what the position, no matter what your company’s industry, no matter what the job title—from managers to the C suite—we will bring your company only the best-fitting candidates.

• We offer your company a flexible, customized approach.

We take your search personally. Our goal is to surpass the quality of candidates that you can find by any other means. So when all is said and done, you’ll find that when it comes to finding a professional search partner, your search is over.