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No one can pretend that workforce transitions are easy. But they can be manageable and successful if you have the right mix of "high tech," "high touch" and a global footprint. At Human Capital Partners, we bring you the technology tools that make career transition efficient—as well as the hands-on, personal attention that make it effective.

We design, develop and deliver the most comprehensive career transition program portfolio for corporate clients and individual employees. From large outplacement programs to corporate leadership coaching, we’re your partner for business growth and transformation.

Here’s what we’ll commit to on your company’s next career transition project:

• We’ll give you a global reach with a highly personalized, customized approach—the best of "high-tech" and "high touch."

• We won’t come with pre-conceived notions. We’ll create opportunity through a deep understanding of the company’s cultural nuances and effective coaching for individuals—all leading to corporate transformation and personal reinvention.

• We’ll proactively deliver in-depth research assistance, strategic introductions and systematic identification of target organizations.

• We’ll provide detailed tracking and measurable results, including progress reports and statistics for each transitioning employee.

• We’ll take a holistic approach, acting as a professional friend to each of your transitioning employees during (and after) a time of change and uncertainty. Our aim isn’t simply to reduce litigation or improve morale; it’s to provide real opportunity and measurable value.

• We‘ll offer your company fully integrated services—including career consulting, coaching, training and networking—that create a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Your company’s reputation is made or broken on how you treat your employees—no matter which side of the door they stand on. Human Capital Partners understands. That’s why when it comes to career transition, we deliver "transition that transcends."